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Our Approach

Manabie offers Total Education - our education philosophy for learners to build a better tomorrow.

  • Our learners are at the center of everything we do

  • They are supported by caring coaches, a strong community, and engaging content

  • Their learning is tech-empowered and data-enriched

  • Through Total Education, they will become better learners

  • Our learners are catalysts for positive change in our world

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Our Business Coverage

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All in one product stack with composable modules and architecture


Educational institutions from all segments and sizes


Global expansion, starting from Japan and SEA

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Case study 1

An English learning center with approximately 5,000 students from primary school to high school


Manabie Online-Merged-Offline system

Continue to improve student's learning experience and improve profitability through online live lessons and visualization of learning progress

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Customized development to business needs

Customized functions for learning English such as listening function, pronunciation scoring in videos, etc.

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Sales maximization with new courses

Maximize sales by utilizing Manabie system and open new courses with a thorough business plan support

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Case study 2

A learning center with mainly 5,000 junior high school students

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Manabie Online-Merged-Offline system

An individualized learning experience for students, automatic scoring, and data of learning progress to improve teacher efficiency

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Digital teaching material production support

Thorough support for digital teaching material production, from designing learning experience to studio setup

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​Efficient Back Office to support operations

Streamline and digitize workflow to enroll students from acquisition, to manage learning experience, and to retain and upsell

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