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End-to-end digital infrastructure for all educators

Our system is designed in composable microservices such that business complexities are captured comprehensively in each domain while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate different workflows.

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Manabie LMS

Study with the online merged with offline (OMO) approach

Comprehensive and flexible learning management system that enables education institutions to customize and digitize the entire learning journey.

Students’ learning is personalized and customized to their own learning styles & pace, so teachers can focus on delivering learning outcomes effectively.

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Manabie LMS
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Manabie ERP

All Business Operations in One System

The end-to-end management system enables education institutions to improve operational efficiency and digitize their workflows, optimizing all business operations (daily operation, finance, human resources, etc. ). Data is centralized for comprehensive analytics and business automation.

Manabie ERP

Manabie B2C Services

Manabie offers both online and offline learning experiences, to solve the issues of accessibility, efficiency, and relevancy.


​Manabie Basic

Unlimited access to video lectures and a rich set of multiple-choice questions right on our smart mobile application. Prepare and review lessons anytime, anywhere!


Manabie Prime

Mastering knowledge through online classes with highly qualified teachers. Study anywhere and minimize travel time. Get help from tutors to answer questions whenever you don't understand a lesson.


​Manabie Hub

Significantly improve learning outcomes with our coaches and tutors to help develop personalized study plans based on personal goals. A modern and inspirational study environment with a flexible schedule.

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​Manabie Class

Breakthrough your scores with our team of experienced online tutors and coaches. Studying in small groups of students, tutors closely follow each student, and flexible schedule.

Manabie B2C
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